Haven't you noticed that a tree looks like life, it looks like you.

You're only a seed, and the waters of life come to you.

they make you grow, people's words are like sun rays nursing your soul, their words may be also rays of darkness, but whatever happens, the seed comes to grow, it blooms hitherto, it needs both sun and water.

Wherever you go, there are trees, they are the guardians of seeds, overshadowing them, protecting them from rainfall, giving them air to breath, shelters of your soul.

You may whisper to trees, they are the best keepers on Earth, never shall they deceit a promise made in their tree-like ears.

Life is a Tree, we are all looking for our roots to show the world how marvellous are branches are, our soul wants to reach out the stars, but we are only trees, we only reach for earthly skies.